Keenyah Hill from ANTM wearing LLESSUR's racer tunic.

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Tired of the ordinary? Us too. We are here to change that dynamic. LLESSUR is not just a new clothing line, it is a movement that wants to redefine the limitations and standards set on creative expression. For too long, the expression of others has been limited by the binary model society has imposed on us. Pink is for girls, blue is for boys, boys don’t play with dolls, women can’t do the job like a man would... Sounds familiar?

We are not here for that! We’ve made it our mission to use fashion as the conductor of our ambitions to remove the limitations assigned on gender, and help people to express their TRUE-self. 


After being exposed to the NYC LGBTQ community, Dominican born designer Russell A. (he/him), admired the creativity and diversity of his community. From their everyday clothing and expressive tenacity, to the extravagance of the ball room and nightlife scene, he was inspired not only by the aesthetic and creativity but also by their bravery, and the resilience of his peers. From here the idea of a movement to redefine the gender spectrums began. 



Being part of the community and knowing the challenges people face when it comes to finding clothes that fit them it’s not something to take lightly; Yes, fashion has been getting more inclusive, more diversified, more body positive. But fashion from an outside point of view, it's still running on a dictated binary system. One where gender non-conforming people still face difficulties when it comes to fitting in the clothes or simply expressive of themselves.



 ***THE FUTURE*** 


According to the world economic forum (link), fashion represents 10% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions and is “the second largest consumer of the worlds water supply”. This is the real cost of fast fashion. To change this, LLESSUR made the decision not to follow the traditional seasonal system or four collections a year, and instead to create collections in yearly volumes, enabling for higher quality and attention to detail to deliver our consumers with  pieces that are season-less and have a longer life spam. We are also choosing to have a local production right in the garment district here in NYC helping keep a low carbon print. We believe there is more to do, so as we grow our goal is to make each version on ourselves greener and more sustainable, hopefully with your help! 


We hope you enjoyed reading about our lifestyle mission and future plans. We decided to create a blog because we want to open our world to you, show you the love we put into each piece, what we believe in, what we are fighting for and who we are fighting for. We specially want to hear from YOU; your ideas, suggestion, feeling, opinions, your vision and suggestions. So feel free to comment, share and  subscribe to our newsletters below.

With Love,


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