The CLOSET #2: Moxy Sleeve Harness

The CLOSET #2: Moxy Sleeve Harness

The harness has become a key fashion trend with designers such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Alexander Wang taking it to their runways in recent months. LLESSUR NYC strived to provide its customers with a similar garment that will not only be a great basic accessory for their wardrobe, but allow for a high fashion look with its added sleeves.
The harness itself is extremely lightweight, making it easy to slip on either by itself or layer over another article of clothing. The sheer sleeves provide the perfect drape over the upper-arm, drawing viewers into a new focal point. The silver rings connecting the fabrics together create the perfect symmetry at the center of the body. Additionally, if you are looking for a more dramatic sleeve, LLESSUR also has the Dream Harness made of Tulle available on our website.
See below how-to-wear video for the Moxy and Dream Harness and for styling ideas, share and comment below too! 

While the Moxy Sleeve Harness is definitely great to wear on its own, the harness pairs perfectly with LLESSUR’s Heartless Dress/Skirt. The contrast between the silky polyester of the dress and the transparent high-shine Nylon Organza of the harness are absolutely show-stopping. The silver O-rings even match the metal clasps along the edges of the skirt. The two paired together were absolutely stunning under the nightlights of NYC.

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