September New York Fashion Week 2022 revealed LLESSUR’s third volume, Climax. “Through this collection we look to develop a movie of moving parts that will reveal the process of un-constraining fluidity and the shedding of outer shell to find a place of serene vulnerability,” as Russell Pegeuro, founder and creative director of LLESSUR NYC, states regarding the recent collection unveiled at NYFW. However, beyond the sheer artistry behind the clothing is an even more drastic mission, sustainability.

Sustainability has always been at the core of LLESSUR’s mission. The words, “We are redefining the spectrum of gender through non-binary, forward-thinking and sustainable fashion,” are plastered on the company’s various sites. Peguero consistently sources and produces the majority of his pieces in the heart of New York City, yet volume III brought an even more sustainable appeal than ever before, as it is LLESSUR’s most sustainable collection yet. The majority of materials used are silk or cotton, allowing a more earth-friendly approach to the New York Fashion Week Runway at the DapperQ show in Brooklyn this past September.

The world of fashion has always been predisposed to a variety of ethical issues. Of course, in recent years fast fashion is more prevalent than ever, leading to millions more garments in our landfills as well as dangerous working conditions and low pay for those working in garment factories. LLESSUR works in a business model that ensures pieces are made-to-order, so consumers are not worried about their purchases harming anyone in the production process. This is also why LLESSUR only releases one collection every year. Another issue within the industry is the use of synthetic materials and their effect in carbon footprint emissions. LLESSUR pledges to use all natural products as well as localized production in the Garment District in NYC to reduce our carbon footprint.

Peguero hopes to release the garments for pre-sale in December 2022. In the meantime, the lookbook from the September 2022 NYFW show is available online at LLESSUR NYC’s official website. Keep up with LLESSUR via Instagram and email subscription. Also, look out for a future blog post regarding our use of leather and its sustainable properties.

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