Bon Voyage Ft. ANTM Kennyah Hill

Living coast to coast can be one of the biggest challenges being a busy model on the go. We partnered with America's next top model Keenyah Hill to take the  LLESSUR's Volume I collection through a day in her life.

We booked a hotel room at the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport and brought the house down with a dream team.

MUA: Julissa(JB) Veras @weednglitter

Photographer: Kivon Reed @getonki

Setting off, better yet arriving in style is how the champs do it - The Racer Tunic Dress made perfect sense here, made out of a light breathable poly-blend wrinkle resistance stretch fabric it gives the right amount of luxury and functionality. Designed with a relaxed cut, ⅝ sleeves sleeve and just the right thigh length you can sit comfortably on a plane and jump right into the heat of the night at arrival. 

It was time to hit the premises, the bar right across the runway was like being back in the 60th, the clacking of the arrival boards made it even more realistic which was very much appreciated. But without a doubt, the star in the room was Keenyah <3 Walking around white granite floors feeling the black tulle of The Dream Harness Sleeves breezing against the skin and the shadows it left behind, felt like the right amount of volume and restriction. The satin hand and snapped side vents on the LLESSUR’s Clubmaster Track Pants had a lustrous added value to the ensemble. Paired with the LLESSUR’s VIP Cotton T-Shirt was making this elevated evening look into something more casual, but definitely still stilling the night.

Who wouldn’t think the sheerness of tulle, the soft hand and lustrous look of satin and breathable, comfortable abilities of cotton sound like a love affair?



LLR Team

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